Primavera Goddess of Flowers

My art dolls are created beginning with the form which is three pipe cleaners wrapped on fabric strips. Her dress is scarves in strips and flower applique. Her hair is dyed wool. I used grape and strawberry Koolaid to dye her hair. I make these little dolls in a series. some are goddesses, some are fairies and others are angels and Tattered Rose and Funky Fashions  and Wild Women dolls. They are fun,  wild whimsical dolls meant to bring a little joy and giggles to the owner. I also teach classes in how to create art dolls and can be reached at my studio Joy of Art Studio 
Tutorials on how I created these little dolls are coming soon so   check back..


Sonja Milojevic said…
This art doll is amazing! I love the materials and the way you combine them!
Creative Spirit said…
Sonja, Thanks so much for looking at my little doll. Actually she is on her way to someone in the Equinox Doll Swap. I have started making more and even my little girls (students) are making their own little dolls.and they are amazing. I am going to post some of the photos. I love sharing the joy.... I would also love to put a How to Video together and see what everyone does with the pipe cleaner dolls. What do you think? Joy

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