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Process Painting and Listening to Your Muse

Creative Workshops in the Studio

Profile of Joy's Creative Space in Photos

Welcome to My Creative Space

Welcome to My Blog

My Creative Space

My Own Creative Process

Creativty is a Journey

Impressionist Painting Demonstration2

Impressionist Painting Demonstration

Painting Presentation in my Studio

THe Earth Enfolded in the Arms of the Mother

Wise Woman Face Pin

Inner Wisdom Doll

We are Vessels of the Spirit

Dance in Celebration of the Creative Fire

Creative Connection Group

Wish Casting Wednesday

Plastic is Beautiful

Artful Pin Swap

Artful Pins

Creative Transformation

Using Altered Plastic and Tin in My Mixed Media Art

Using Recyled Material to create Art

Creating with Green Material

Tour of My Creative Space

Face Beads made from Polymer clay and Wire

2012 Creative Vision and Intention