Working with the Sizzex

    Experimenting with my Sizzex and some of the techniques and materials that I used as I explore what the machine can do. I believe that it is important to experiment with a new tool or media , It is a way to gain a sense of comfort with what you are working on. I have to admit that I was very nervous about working with the Sizzex and until I just started, I was procrastinating, Well this is a method that I use to get over the fear, I just take the first step. After that I was so excited,  I embossed everything and experimented with all kinds of material. I think everyone is a bit intimidated  with something new. What material or new technique are you feeling anxious about trying? 

I will be adding some  other videos and photos my continued work and all the new things I am creating with the Sizzex. It is so much fun!


Sonja Milojevic said…
It's a great machine. I love all of the materials you used, I still haven't experimented that much, and I was also afraid that I might break something because of those cracking sounds...But it's ok now, I realized that's how it's supposed to sound. :)

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