Wise Woman on the Mountain Top...not Yet...Still Climbing

Wise Woman on the Mountain Top....not Yet....Still Climbing 
Question to all of you wise women do you ever hear those voices from the past whispering in your head “Who do you think you are? You are not and never will be good enough and certainly not wise.. Have you ever looked at someone you really admired and thought I wished I could be her? She is so wise. Well join the club... I have the (I am not good, smart, wise, successful enough syndrome this morning and needed to bring it up here. I feel sometimes that I have women’s disease where we think no matter how much we succeed that we are a fake in other words we are really a failure. Ok, we know that is not true but it usually appears when we are faced with a project that we are not sure about and doubting our abilities...I can honestly say that I am always competing with myself and never give myself credit for the successes that I have. Actually they sometimes have n o value because I seem to waiting for someone to say something and that one thing can set off a domino effect of self doubt… Has anyone been there? We have been talking so much about the inner wisdom in this wonderful class but I wonder sometimes if I am really there or have a long ways to go in this wisdom thing…..I even question if I have what it takes to be the wise woman… Ok well that is it….. I do not want to throw negative energy here but it is something that I needed to share wise woman to wise woman… Still going up the mountain towards the wise woman that I am…..… Joy


Tarot By Arwen said…
I call that voice my inFernal editor. Hard to shut her up some days. Keep climbing!
Joy Hellman said…
Thanks for visiting my blog... I have joined yours and I hope that we can connect and share. Joy
Tami Principe said…
Enjoyed your blog, many people go through this from time to time. Me personally, as soon as I feel one negative thought start to creep in I change my thought process by focusing on something positive, or something that I have accomplished that I am proud of.
Womeon are not valued in our culture, especially those of a certain age, or of a certain amount of wisdom and experience. I think it's good news that you hear those voices, because you are still growing, are still climbing. When you arrive at the mountain top,t here will be nothing else to learn, so you'll go back into the valley to start on the next mountain.
Lois DeWitt said…
If you take on the task of teaching others, the ideal is to lead your students,, although, I often feel like they are leading me.
Yes, most of my students are women and the double edged sword is the traditional disbelieve in self this society of ours instills in women and the challenges of discovering our powers of creativity.

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