Inner Wisdom and Creative Proces

“Creativity Gives Wings to the Imagination."
~Joy Hellman

Creative Process and Inner Wisdom:: The Alchemy of Art


As an artist, I am always experimenting with techniques, media and exploring the creative process. I believe that the most exciting part of being an artist is the process of creating. I believe creativity is like magic. I open myself to the possibilities of the unknown and allow my imagination, my intuition and creativity to marry. That is when the magic happens. I believe it is when I trust my own creative process, that I will experience that magic and again....

As I reflect upon on the wisdom process that I have experienced during Bones of Wisdom I feel that I have come to a new appreciation, awareness, and conscious understanding of my own inner wisdom as being an action based on intention. Wisdom is not simply knowing but something that I can express and use in my life. I have a whole new paradigm of thinking about inner wisdom. I have always known that my intuition works in and through me in all that I do including my work as an intuitive counselor the healing process that has occurred in my life in all the things that I have created and co-created both in my work as well as in my art. I know that my inner wisdom is a power that can be tapped in to, and tuned in to, and defined. It is developed as a skill and can be used in all that I express. I know that my inner wisdom works in my creative process and I completely trust it as much as when I worked as an intuitive counselor and gave insight to others. Now as an artist I tap into that same source, that same force, the inner creative fire. Each time I set out to express my creativity. It begins with a tiny seed thought, a vision, an inner prompt. It comes from my inner imagery, work and life experiences. It can begin with something within the subconscious and I may not know the meaning of the imagery or symbol until I do inner work through journaling, mediation, dream work or journaling. It can also begin with a new understanding or insight gained from something I have that has inspired me, a technique that I have discovered or a video that I watched and sometimes a class that I take. Inspiration is both an inner and outer world process but it is everywhere and as a creative artist I must open myself to the energy and begin. I do not know where the creative thread will take me because it is much like going on a journey somewhere that I have never been before. I trust my inner wisdom and the guidance that I receive and simply let go of my own expectations, my control of what is happening. Sometimes it is something that has no logic. The use of recyclables was an example of that….

I was listening to a pod cast. They always inspire me when I am working in my studio. I was listening to Healing Arts Radio and there were two artists talking about how they started using plastic as a resource for creating their own art… I was inspired to start collecting plastic in all forms with no idea of what or how I would use it to create my jewelry. It was through experimenting exploring and listening to my intuition (inner wisdom) that I was lead to start using heat to melt the plastic. I found that the plastic changed form and was transformed into a material that I could purposely use for my Plastic is Beautiful jewelry.


The next example although it was difficult to chose because there are so many, I was taking an online class with Petrea and learning process painting and through it discovered a whole new way to tap into my intuition through color. My whole color scheme became even more vibrant through the course the assignments and painting on large sheets of paper taped on the wall and not thinking about the colors, randomly placing them next to each other, listening to my inner wisdom through the creative process. I believe that the intuition is there for everyone to tap into and express through creativity. I teach workshops to people who have never painted because of the intimidation and expectations of a blank sheet of paper. It has been amazing! I now continue process painting through my own art work and on large canvases. The inner wisdom is with me ay all times both as an artist art teacher and group facilitator. My inner wisdom is a living force that I consciously tap into tune into work with and express in all that I do.

I believe that my inner wisdom is a living force that is always with me in my creative process even when I am afraid of beginning. This energy is so real that it is like friend who speaks guides and supports me in my creative work whatever I am doing as long as I trust the process.

Wisdom is an inner force that we choose to connect and tap into through the creative process.


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