Artful Pins

                                                                     God's Eye
made with altered Eco Plastic that I painted in various washes of iridescent and metallic paints. I used a heat gun to melt and transform the plastic into the look of mineral and embedded a Lapis Lazuli in the center symbolic of God's All Seeing Eye

Wise Woman in the Trees 
I used the Eco Plastic to create a wood like effect added one of Wise Woman faces and moss. She symbolizes Mother Nature Gaia Goddess of the earth
Healing Stone
I used the Eco Plastic to create another mineral effect and added an Amythest in the center a symbol of the  healing which heals all things and brings compassion to the world.


BT said…
Wow, these are so lovely Joy. Thank you so much for doing to video too. I'm just about to watch it.

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