The Song I Sing

Thank you for the song of bird, the blue of sky, the color of flowers as they wear their gowns with vibrant red pink and magenta. In this season of flowers may I celebrate the newness of spring with joyfulness and a full heart as the birds sing out a celebration of spring’s beauty. May I also give thanks. I honor springs beauty and life as the buds on the trees turn toward the sun. Let me also turn my face to you o God Mother and Father of all life. As You give us spring and the beauty of flowers and the newness of all life. I bow in humble awe. The brilliant colors of my blossoms are growing now soon to be fruit. The color vibrant as it is now soon will fade. Life is temporary. Life in its transitory beauty. Beauty is all around me in this present moment. Life renewed. Life is beautiful and transitory. All I have is this moment


Shannon Smith said…
My favorite season. Thanks for bringing it alive. "....turning toward the sun." or "All I have is this moment." Beautiful.


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