Inner Garden

I live in the consciousness home of my thoughts and feelings and therefore what I experience in my reality.

Here is where I contemplate my ideas and where creative visions are born.

Here is where the beginning seeds grow into the new flowers of my possibilities.

Here is where my imagination takes flight.

I honor this house because it is the temple of all thought and what ever I take in effects the environment of my reality.

Therefore I think only good, positive, life enriching, and loving thoughts.

I give vision to only those things that I want to see created.

I give energy to all thoughts that are beautiful and life supporting.

I let go and banish those thoughts that give no life, no energy and do not belong in the temple of my consciousness.

I tend to the weeds of negativity so that my garden may grow and bring forth the flowers of my tomorrow


Shannon Smith said…
My "Inner Garden" is an attitude I'm working on right now. The collage speaks volumes. Perfect pairing. Thank you for the affirmation.

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