My Trip to Auvers

This is a collage that I did from my trip to Auvers where Van Gogh lived and painted in the last 75 days of his life. I took photos from in front the house that he stayed. This is a real photo of a photo of him when he was 19 years old. Even then he had a haunted hungry look in his eyes. I also saw where he and his brother Theo were buried and took a close up of a sunflower that was on their grave as well as one of the paintings of the church that he did in Auvers. I actually stood in front of the church and took a lot of zoomed in photos of it. I am planning on doing a painting from the church photos. I altered the photos and used them in this collage.I will be doing a whole series of paintings collage and pen and ink drawings of my trip to Auvers as a part of this series..


Jim Ingram said…
Joy, I love the trip to Auvers. The collage shows up well. It is a sentimental journey to look at this and read. K

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