I am a Seed of Myself Becoming

 I am the Seed of My Becoming Self
 I am the seed of my becoming self.
 I am the roots connected to the Source.
 I am the buds and flowers bringing forth the fruit of my dreams.
 I am the branches reaching for my full potential.
 I am the tree of my tomorrow.
 Each thought is a seed that I plant today that brings forth the tree of my tomorrow.
 As I cling to the roots of the Source by which all life flows, the tree of my self will be strong healthy and stand tall with my branches in the heavens and my roots in the earth.
 I am the seed of my becoming self




This is the painting that I did after doing the doodles which was more of a process an inspiration for the painting and background layer. As I worked on the doodles I was reflecting on the seed and flower of spring as well as the Goddess of spring the meditation that I have been doing since spring began "I am the seed of my becoming self. I am the seed bringing forth the flower.  Also I paint seasonal women and this is the one that I did for spring...



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