Pretty Face Women Portraits

Pretty Face Portraits

I found some wooden for sell signs and decided to use it as a surface for my women's faces. I painted the surface and then drew and painted in the faces. They are all different and have unique personalities. You can see them at Eve Avery Boutique in downtown Southern Pines. I will also be teaching Pretty Face workshop  during my Creative Workshops for Women beginning in June.. Stay tuned for more information and  a Painting a Pretty Face video  


Sonja Milojevic said…
Joy I always love to see your art, and your way of using different materials. It's incredibly inspiring and beautiful. If only I could take one of your classes. I could learn so much from you.
BT said…
These are really lovely. What a great idea.
Joy Hellman said…
I am honored that you looked at my art and it was not until I was going through my posts that I saw yours. Thanks and visit again,..

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