This is a fiber collage that I did as a tribute to Henri Matisse and his use of bright colors, patterns and his odalisque in "Decorative Figure on an Ornamental Background"I did the fabric figure first as a sketch. I was experimenting with making doll bodies at the time so I stuffed the figure to give it dimention. I painted the background, and used different patterns from fabric pieces to get the effect of ornamental pillows on a couch. I used gauzy material over the figure to give her the look of sudduction. I also used black thread for her long sensous hair. I used , irridescent threads and fiber to look like the night outside of a window and to give the piece mystery. I hand pieced and stitched the fabric and did decorative and motion embroidery in the background to give it texture. The odalisque represents the sudductive sensuous femenine/ the Goddess in all women. I love Matisse and during this time I painted several odalisques in various media. This is the only one that I did in fibers. The others I did in pastel, oil, watercolor, and acrylics as well as paencil and pen and ink.. Some of which I will use in future fiberart and show here.


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