Joy's Dolls

This is Tiffany the Christmas fairy who lives in the Forest. She is a beautiful little fairy who has special powers and can turn anything that she touches with her wand into crystals and spreads winter magic that you can only see if you close your eyes.

I started with a bendi doll made out of cloth. I then began drawing in the face and doing the hair which was hand sewn one strand at a time. I used different material such as pieced and manipulated fabric and fibers collaged on water soluble stabilizer to make her skirt and she has a blouse made from hand dyed silk.. I made the fairy wings and crown out of fabric stiffened with glue, acrylic paint, shimmery nail polish and glitter. I also created the embellishments out of pieces of water soluble stabilizer and fibers. Her necklace is hand beaded fibers.. I used rainbow dyed ribbon for her shoes.


Hello, Joy I like your cloth dolls you make. Have you ever tried using mohair your dolls hair? I provide mohair for doll hair, please visit my blog and the link to my home web site. Feel free to link to my blog. or post some of your doll photos.

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