What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love


I went to your blog saw your wonderful whimsical work and love it. I also listened to the video What the World Needs Now. I actually want to post it on  on my Kiss of the Muse group and blog because I thought it was a perfect song for this time.. I am also from the 60’s I was meditating on the fruitfulness of my life in this season of the harvest and could not stop seeing the images on the news this morning of the atrocities occurring in in other parts of our world and I felt such heart and soul pain for the people  who are being slaughtered right before our eyes on the screen. feeling so very helpless. Watching the news about the man from Australia who  was murdered for no reason by three boys... Yes what the world needs now our world which is our home and we her children is love sweet love.... Thanks so much for this song from the past and its gift of a reminder for today this moment...





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